Welcome to Star Plastic Group


Star Group for Plastics is a specialized company since 1990 in the industry of drainage parts. As a result for the good quality of our products and the competitive prices, our products invaded markets rapidly and high demand increased from clients, as we aimed at improving our performance and our products.

The Group established a factory for manufacturing pipes to supplement the drainage parts production line and to meet the demands of our clients.

Meanwhile, the Group established a special section for manufacturing drinking water storage tanks that conform to the international standards and specifications. One of the reasons why we are special is that we are the only group in Egypt and the Middle East that manufactures house chairs, tables and toys for children.
We produce a wide variety of plastic articles for a broad group of industries and applications.

With 3 Manufacturing plants producing quality products to meet your needs. We offer custom products tailored to meet your OEM requirements.

Our company provides experience, knowledge, and diversification. Decades of experience in the ellaboration of quality products rest behind our name and leadership.