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Star Plastic Group Manufacturing counts with ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.

We are manufacturers of tools like: pipes and plastic supplies. Our products meet the standards of Egyptian and German standards.

We also manufacturers of high quality water tanks made out of polyethylene material and are resistance to sunlight and shocks.

For the first time in Egypt Star Plastic Water Tanks stood the tests of National Center for Research efficiently, they were approved by the National Authority for drinking water .

In our factory we also manufacture plastic chairs which are resistant to sunlight and shocks. The chairs are with its firm colors have been exported to the biggest clubs in Egypt, Including :

El jazeera club
6 on October club
the Republican Guard club
El seed club
El Zamalek club
And others

We are manufacturer of toys for children, which had been specially manufactured to meet the wishes of children

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Why Star Plastic Group ?

Because we are keen to provide high quality products conforming with the international standards and specifications and to market them in local markets in order to improve the level of Plastic industry in Egypt.


The company provides plastic products in accordance with the international standards and specifications and markets for them in the local market to compete with imported products. Moreover, the company works on enlarging its client base in the Middle East region to serve the objectives of the domestic economy in increasing the national income.

Mr. Ibrahim Al Shinawy

Executive Manager
Mr. Ahmad Ali

Production Manager
Mr. Ibrahim Fathy

Sales Manager
Mr. Mohamed Ali

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